• Protective coatings for demanding applications.

    Protective coatings for demanding applications.

Commercial & Industrial Painting

Nanticoke Industrial provides Commercial & Industrial Painting services of all sizes and complexity for all industries. From cleaning and surface prep to application and clean up, our experience, worksmanship and resources make Nanticoke Industrial an effective and efficient choice.


  • Pipeline painting
  • Refinery painting
  • Storage tank and silo painting
  • Warehouse and factory painting
  • Water treatment plant painting
  • Waste water facility painting
  • Food processing plant painting
  • Marine painting
  • Equipment painting
  • Structural steel painting
  • Interior and exterior
  • Wall and ceiling (roof deck) painting


Surface Preparation

For more information about our Commercial & Industrial Painting services don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Liquid Nitrogen and Air Tank Painting

    Refinished Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

  • Lead Paint Removal

    Removing Lead Paint from Petrochemical Storage Tank

  • Petrochemical Storage Tank Painting

    Petrochemical Storage Tank Painted

  • Petrochemical Tank Paint Specs

    Petrochemical Storage Tank Paint Specs

  • Food Processing Painting

    Stairwell Painted at Food Processing Plant

  • Refinery Painting

    Sandblasting & Painting Structural Steel at Refinery

  • Industrial Painting

    Prepping Fuel Tank & Bollards for Paint

  • Liquid Nitrogen and Air Tank Restoration

    Tank Restoration

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